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about us

Kitsch'n Catering came about as a side line to Kitsch'n Cafe in Jesmond, Newcastle. We opened the cafe in 2003 and soon began getting requests for sandwich platters and buffets for local businesses or large quanities of muffins or cakes. Although we loved our cafe it was really small so coping with outside catering whilst dealing with the lunch time rush became difficult and outside catering had to move to a different location.


The decision to sell the cafe was a hard one as there was an emotional attachment to it, but we wanted to develop things further and there was no scope for this in such a small premises. The fact that the business rent and rates soared because of its prime location, finally helped us make our decision.


Working from our new location will help us maintain low costs, which we can pass on to the customer, retaining what we think is most important, providing good quality food and service.


We offer an excellent selection of canapés for those corporate parties, weddings or birthdays. Also buffets for business lunches, evening functions or kids parties. Whatever the occasion, we are here to help.


We will also be offering what we found to be one of our main successes at the Cafe, home baking. So look out for that!


If what you are looking for is not present just drop us an e-mail or call and we will definitely try to help!


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